SMACC digitizes and automates financial management with an uncompromising user perspective in mind. We included a broad feature-set to collaborate and partner with tax advisers for an end-to-end digitization experience.


Full digitization

Clients scan invoices with our SMACC scanner, forward e-mails to their e-mail inbox or simply take a photo of invoices and receipts on the go. SMACC’s software automatically recognizes, classifies and organizes all financial documents in the SMACC cloud. The easiest way to comprehensively digitize financial documents yet.

Real-time reports

SMACC’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology in combination with highly qualified financial accountants generate all necessary financial and accounting data to provide always up-to-date liquidity, revenue, and profitability reports. No more waiting for numbers.

Automated bookkeeping

Based on general invoice data and item specific information from client invoices SMACC’s AI-enable accounting technology allocates financial accounts automatically to invoice positions. During onboarding we closely work with clients’ tax advisers to carefully assess all business events from an accounting perspective to configure the system. Special cases are handle by our team of qualified financial accountants in close coordination with our clients and their tax advisers.

Automated payment matching

SMACC directly integrates with bank accounts, credit cards, payment service providers or e-commerce providers like Amazon Marketplace or eBay to automate payment matching and bank accounting. Our self-learning matching algorithms improve over time and enable close to 100% of automated payment matching. Unclear payment transactions are resolved with clients via our collaboration tools.

Seamless data transfer

SMACC’s software creates accounting data in standardized data formats to easily integrate with all major accounting and auditing software solutions. Our API allows to exchange digital invoice and receipt images seamlessly with third party solutions. We currently work with software from DATEV, Wolters Kluwer, Oracle, Sage, Microsoft, SAP, Intuit and Xero.

Highest data security

Data security and safeguarding our clients business data is part of our company values. Clients’ invoice and financial data is stored in our German data centers (provider Pironet) that are certified with ISO27001. All data and our web-apps are encrypted using the same standards as applied by German banks. We run daily backups of all client data. Our financial professionals and account managers are trained in data protection. Our offices and computers adhere to high access restriction standards.

Digital collaboration

SMACC software offers advanced collaboration functionalities to resolve issues internally with clients and externally with suppliers and tax advisers. The system allows temporary access to all financial documents, reports and booking journals. Tax advisers can review and comment on invoices and receipts accounting treatment and use SMACC’s real-time reports to provide advice based on up-to-date numbers.

Transparency & control

Our system offers a broad feature-set to enable tax adviser to review the accounting done by SMACC. Our Revenue and profitability reports re-sample established tax formats while our software provides an unparalleled data integrity allowing reviewers to click from line item, to account overviews, to underlying invoices, to related payment transactions. Booking journals, A/R and A/P overviews, and lists of assets are available to tax advisers.

Multi-client features

SMACC is well suited to service 1 to 100 companies with a single log-in, advanced rights management for your team, and comprehensive dashboard overviews. Stay always up-to-date regarding your clients financial situation and priorities.

Easy data correction

Our data allows for quick and easy review and corrections. Errors happen and the assessment of business events may vary when it comes to final tax filings. SMACC allows and tracks corrections directly within the app. Imports of corrections and period-end accounting from third party software can be easily done.

Offer next generation tax advice and service to your clients!

Why SMACC for Tax Advisors?

"SMACC is a great digital solution for many of my clients. The software helps to digitize their everyday financial tasks like payments, invoice approvals, and controlling. It provides reliable bookkeeping data that can be easily imported into my system."

- Tax Advisor, Mid-sized tax agency