We have developed an intelligent software to automate bookkeeping helping small business owners to focus on business, not on paperwork.

Our Solutions

Digitale Rechnungsverwaltung

Digital invoice management

Scan invoices with the SMACC scanner, forward e-mails or simply take a photo of invoices and receipts with the app. SMACC then automatically organizes all documents for you and securely archives them in the cloud.

Digitalisierung der Buchhaltung
Digital invoice management

Use our scanner, e-mail, or your smartphone to digitize all your receipts. Our software recognizes all information on your invoices, organizes them automatically and stores them securely in our SMACC cloud. The SMACC app then offers an intuitive navigation to find everything easily online.

smart search
Smart search

We use deep learning technology to extract and classify all data from your invoices and receipts. You can use our smart search function to find the document you need immediately. Simply search for your business partners, specific invoice items or the name of the sales rep you talked to.

Mobile optimized

We have optimized everything for use on mobile devices with the newest web technologies. You can access your documents and numbers securely from everywhere at anytime.

Automatisierte laufende Buchhaltung und Rechnungsverwaltung

Automated bookkeeping

SMACC uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to automatically do your bookkeeping and prepare real-time financial numbers for you.

invoice data
Intelligent data extraction

We use artificial intelligence  and machine learning technology to automatically extract all information from your receipts and invoices and store them securely alongside your documents. The rich data we create enables us to take care of your paperwork.

Automatisierte laufende Buchhaltung
Automated bookkeeping

Based on the data from your invoices SMACC’s AI technology can take care of your A/R and A/P accounting in real-time. We use inputs from our financial professionals and your tax consultant to ensure highest quality bookkeeping.

Up-to-date numbers

SMACC provides you with always up-to-date reports of your revenues, expenses, and liquidity. You always know how your business is doing because of our intuitive interactive charts. Provide up-to-date reports to your investors, CPA or your bank.

Einfache Zahlungsvorgänge

Easy payments

SMACC helps you to manage your payments. The app recognizes payment terms from your invoices and prepares optimized payment lists. You can pay suppliers directly from the app. No more missing due dates.

Optimized cash flow

Our smart payment lists optimizes your cash management allowing you to benefit from discounts and manage your due dates closely. You always have full transparency and control over your open accounts payable.

Rechnungen direkt bezahlen und überweisen
Direct payments

Pay your bills seamlessly directly from within the app. Choose the bank account you want to use and apply the authorization methods of your bank. No more missed payments or typing in long account numbers.

Zeit sparen

Save time

Artificial intelligence takes care of your paperwork

Transparenz gewinnen

Gain transparency

Review your financial numbers and liquidity with real-time data

Kontrolle übernehmen

Get in control

All finance tasks made easy with next generation software

Why SMACC for Startups?

"As a new business owner it took me a lot of time to learn and do bookkeeping. I just wanted to get rid of this paper nightmare and focus all my energy on my collections. SMACC really prevented me from going crazy. It freed up so much time for my designs, my customers and for myself."

- Buki, Fashion Designer