Smart digital document management

Digitize your financial documents with SMACC's AI-enabled document management system. We offer a simple and intelligent solution to get paperless and efficient.


Document digitization

SMACC uses leading AI and machine learning technology to extract data from your financial documents to deliver an unique automated digitization experience. Simply scan your financial documents, forward your e-mails, take photos or use our API to transfer your documents. Our software recognizes all relevant information and organizes your document automatically.

SMACC Scanner

We provide customers with our own scanners to digitize paper-based documents. Our scanners provide highest data security through direct encryption. All our scanners are configured based on your requirements with regard to access restriction and login. Our scanners can handle crinkled receipts, special formats and – of-course – scans both sides of a document. Scan directly into the SMACC cloud with the touch of one button.

Intelligent document management

Our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technology recognizes and categorizes documents automatically. Simply send in your invoices and receipts and the system identifies whether this is an outgoing invoice, incoming bill, expense report, payment reminder or subscription contract. All documents are organized accordingly and made available for you instantly.

Smart search

SMACC uses latest search technology to let you search for your documents based on whatever piece of information you have for your search. The system supports your search with auto-suggest and allows you to limit your search to relevant document types or topics. No more flipping through folders to find an invoice.

Rules & rights management

We apply advanced rules and rights management to your document management. Limit viewing and editing rights of documents based, e.g., on document type or cost center. Grant temporary access to external stakeholder such as suppliers or tax advisers and secure your documents with passwords.

Mobile optimised

We apply latest web technologies and apply a rigorous mobile-first approach to all our software solutions. SMACC enables customers to use our solutions from every device with ease no matter if they are at the office or travelling.

Data security

Highest information security is part of our company values. Financial data is exclusively stored in German data centers from provider Pironet that are certified with ISO 27001. All data and our web-app are encrypted using the same standards as applied by German banks. We run daily backups of all client data.

“With SMACC we went almost paperless in our accounting department. The scanner makes it easy to scan all kinds of documents and the software is amazing in organizing everything automatically.”

– Markus Böhm, Böhm GmbH

Complete digitization of your finances

SMACC enables you to fully digitise your financial management. Use the SMACC Scanner, forward e-mails to your SMACC inbox, snap pictures of your receipts or use our direct import options to transfer your financial documents. Our proprietary technology recognises all relevant data, classifies your documents automatically and organises them digitally in our secure SMACC cloud. You have all your financial document at your finger tips anytime and from every device no matter where you are. Our smart search engine helps you find every invoice instantly.

Combine artificial and human intelligence

We are a technology leader in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Our propitiatory technology enables our software solutions to instantly extract and classify a rich data set from financial documents and to automatically process invoices and receipts. The strength of our software solutions lies, however, in combing expert knowledge from financial accountants and tax advisers to assess specific business events with our automation technology. We work closely with financial professional enabling them to deliver the best possible work results, insights and client advice.

Boost efficiency through automation

With SMACC your organisation can reduce the cost of paper based processing, significantly increase processing time of financial documents, and reduce manual data entry tasks to a minimum. Our clients reduce the cost of their financial management by up to 80% while increasing data quality and availability of financial information to manage their business. Our software solutions are easy to implement. Setup and on-boarding usually take to 2-3 weeks in close coordination with client’s tax advisers.