Intelligent accounts receivable & accounts payable accounting

SMACC's AI and machine learning technology automatically allocates financial accounts to invoices and receipts. All your bookkeeping done instantly without manual data entry.


A/R accounting

SMACC’s software solution knows your invoices and automatically allocates financial accounts based on underlying VAT tax rates to every item on your bills. Payment terms, credit notes, and pro-forma invoices are automatically recognized and the accounting is conducted accordingly in real-time.

A/P accounting

Simply send your bills to SMACC via scanner, by e-mail or snap a picture. Our system extracts all data and allocates financial accounts to your every item on your bills based on your accounting framework. Our financial accountants support the process making sure that expenses are classified correctly.

Payment matching

All your payment accounts are directly integrated with SMACC and our smart matching algorithms automatically match your invoices with corresponding payments. Our software instantly processes the corresponding bank accounting. No more checking of bank statements.

Bill approvals

SMACC offers simple digital approval workflows for your incoming bills. Have your accounting department check SMACC’s bookkeeping, control your payment processes and implement compliance procedures.

Data validation

SMACC validates all invoices digitally. Our systems automatically checks the math if everything add up and multiply out. The software checks if all required information is noted on all bills and proofs tax IDs, address information and banking data of your suppliers.

All accounting frameworks

SMACC offers full flexibility to either use our standardized accounting frameworks or configure a tailored solution to your business. We offer cost center and profit center frameworks as well as best practice workflows for your controlling and compliance needs.

“I send in my invoice. SMACCs software does the bookkeeping instantly. It’s like magic.”

– Buki, Fashion Designer & Enterpreneur

Complete digitization of your finances

SMACC enables you to fully digitize your financial management. Use the SMACC Scanner, forward e-mails to your SMACC inbox, snap pictures of your receipts or use our direct import options to transfer your financial documents. Our proprietary technology recognizes all relevant data, classifies your documents automatically and organizes them digitally in our secure SMACC cloud. You have all your financial document at your finger tips anytime and from every device no matter where you are. Our smart search engine helps you find every invoice instantly.

Combine artificial and human intelligence

We are a technology leader in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Our proprietary technology enables our software solutions to instantly extract and classify a rich data set from financial documents and to automatically process invoices and receipts. The strength of our software solutions lies, however, in combing expert knowledge from financial accountants and tax advisers to assess specific business events with our automation technology. We work closely with financial professional enabling them to deliver the best possible work results, insights and client advice.

Boost efficiency through automation

With SMACC your organization can reduce the cost of paper based processing, significantly reduce processing time of financial documents and manual data entry tasks to a minimum. Our clients reduce the cost of their financial management by up to 80% while increasing data quality and availability of financial information to manage their business. Our software solutions are easy to implement. Setup and on-boarding usually take to 2-3 weeks in close coordination with client’s tax advisers.