Our AI and machine learning technology automatically allocates financial accounts to invoices and receipts. All your bookkeeping done instantly without manual data entry.

SMACC integrates directly with all your banking and payment accounts. Our self-learning algorithms automatically match invoices to the corresponding payment transaction.


Digitise your financial documents with SMACC’s AI-enabled document management system. We offer a simple and intelligent solution to get paperless and efficient.

All your banking and payment accounts in one smart app. Keep an overview of all your cash positions, use our automated bank accounting and make payments directly within the app.

We offer digital invoice approval workflows that can be easily tailored to your company’s needs. Get control over your purchase-to-pay process with best practice digital workflows.


SMACC’s automated invoice processing and direct bank and payments account integration enables comprehensive up-to-date liquidity reports and effective liquidity planning.

Our AI-enabled invoice processing and bank accounting create up-to-date financial data. Our interactive reports and simple charts provide transparency and control over your business.

SMACC automatically aggregates A/R and A/P data from invoices and payment accounts. Manage your open positions and get comprehensive insights into your business relationships.


SMACC combines artificial intelligence with human intelligence and service. Our highly qualified financial professionals support you continuously to ensure quality and service level.

We automate data creation and provide real-time financial insights. Our AI technology predicts future cash-flows and supports financial decision making. Our financial service partners provide the right product for your needs with seamless data exchange.


Gain transparency

Review your financial performance and liquidity with real time data


Increase efficiency

Automated processing of invoices and payment transactions through artificial intelligence


Get in control

All financial processes at your finger tips with next generation software