SMACC uses artificial intelligence to generate financial information and automate financial management. Real-time financial data increases transparency and our digital financial workflows ensure full control over your business.

Our Solutions

Automatisierte laufende Buchhaltung und Rechnungsverwaltung

Automated invoice processing

Scan or forward your invoices to SMACC. The system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to automatically organize your financial documents, recognize all information and prepare the accounting.

Digitalisierung der Buchhaltung

Use our scanner, e-mail, or your smartphone to digitize all invoices. Our software organizes them automatically in our secure SMACC cloud. Our smart search function allows you to find documents immediately. Everything is optimized for use on mobile devices. You can access your documents and numbers securely everywhere at anytime.

Automatisierte laufende Buchhaltung
Automated accounting

Based on the data from your invoices, SMACC’s AI technology takes care of your A/R and A/P accounting in real-time. SMACC directly integrates with your bank and payment accounts. The system matches invoice data to corresponding payment transactions automatically to book your bank. We use inputs from our financial professionals and your tax consultant to ensure the highest quality.


SMACC allocates cost and project center information to your invoices to automate controlling. Use SMACC data with your controlling tools or create real-time reports directly within the SMACC app.

Digitales Kreditorenmanagement

Digital purchase-to-pay workflows

Manage your purchase-to-pay processes with flexible bill approval workflows, smart payment lists and easy to use collaboration features. Stay in control of your payment process and manage your working capital effectively.

Bill approval workflows

SMACC offers flexible digital approval workflows tailored to your organization. Easily manage your companies bills and implement best practice governance processes. Approve bills and expense reports securely from any device in the office or while you are traveling.

Intelligente Zahlungslisten
Payment lists

SMACC automatically recognizes payment terms from bills and prepares optimized payment lists based on your requirements. Process your payments directly within the app or import your payment lists in your banking software. Never miss due dates, closely manage payment targets and optimize your working capital.


SMACC offers advanced stakeholder collaboration functionalities to resolve issues internally with your colleagues or externally with suppliers and your CPA. Share temporary access to invoices with your stakeholders and leave notes to business events.

Smartes Debitorenmanagement

Accounts receivable management

Manage your accounts receivable closely with SMACC comprehensive accounts receivable features. The system automatically keeps track of your unpaid bills and allows you to easily manage the collection process.

Open positions

SMACC integrates all bank and payment accounts in one place to manage your open positions in real-time. Our AI-enabled payment matching software allocates all payments to your open positions. You have an always up-to-date view on your accounts receivable.

Payment history

Customer information is automatically collected and aggregated. Business volume, open positions and the payment history of your customers are available within the app. You can easily access and edit profile information including contact data, payment terms, project centers and financial accounts.

Debt collection

Send reminders to your customers for open payments or start the collection process directly within the app. If you choose to sell accounts receivable you can send all relevant data directly to our factoring partner.

Aktuelle Finanzberichte

Real-time financial reports

Get real-time transparency of your business' financial performance. Automated data processing provides daily insights into your liquidity, revenues and profitability. Easily fulfill your reporting requirements and control your business.

Planung und Analyse der Liquidität

SMACC gets cash positions from all your bank accounts, credit cards and payment service providers. Real-time accounts receivable and accounts payable information provides full transparency of your liquidity. Liquidity management and planning made easy.

Revenue and profitability

Get real-time reports of revenues, expenses and operational profitability with intuitive, interactive charts. All data is directly linked to the corresponding invoices and payment transactions providing unmatched transparency. Easily share reports with your Banker and investors.


Let SMACC allocate individual cost centers and project centers to your invoices for customized controlling reports. Our controlling solutions integrate with your existing solutions and provide unique real-time controlling data for your business.

Transparenz gewinnen

Gain transparency

Review your financial performance and liquidity with real time data

Effizienz steigern

Increase efficiency

Automated processing of invoices and payment transactions through artificial intelligence

Kontrolle übernehmen

Get in control

All financial processes at your finger tips with next generation software

Why SMACC for Small Business?

"Our family business is growing quickly and the small finance team just couldn't keep up with all the daily invoices and payments. SMACC provided a best practice digital workflow for all our finance tasks. I got back control over the finance process and SMACC provided real-time numbers."

- Markus Böhm, Böhm GmbH