Our finance automation and workflow solutions enable finance departments to reduce manual work, increase effectiveness and strengthen control.

Our Solutions

Automatisierte laufende Buchhaltung und Rechnungsverwaltung

Invoice data extraction

SMACC’s system uses latest OCR, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to read out and interpret a rich data set from financial documents of all kinds. Digitize and organize your documents and automate accounting and controlling tasks. No more manual data entry.

invoice data
Data extraction

Transfer your financial documents through direct scan or integrate your current document management system with SMACC. We use OCR technology to read out all data and apply our machine learning and AI software to validate and allocate data to create your required data set. No manual data entry required.

Automatisierte laufende Buchhaltung
Data interpretation

Our propitiatory software combines different machines learning and AI technologies to automatically allocate financial accounts, cost centers, project centers, specific payment terms or other company specific indicators to financial documents.


To ensure optimal integration into your existing financial processes our new business team offers tailored on-boarding by highly qualified financial professionals. Our financial account managers are certified financial accounts who support with training of the AI system and take over all manual tasks on an ongoing basis to ensure highest service levels and optimal data quality.


Financial workflow automation

SMACC's intuitive software and automated data generation technology provide unique workflow automation options. Re-invent your purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes to increase speed, efficiency and quality.


Re-invent your purchase-to-pay process with AI. Based on digitized and interpreted invoice data SMACC’s software allows to automatically start and manage financial workflows. Set flexible digital bill approval flows for different cost centers based on invoice value. Manage your payment lists and approvals easily, transparently and always optimized for mobile devices. No more chasing managers around for approval sign-offs.


AI-enabled payment matching allows for real-time order-to-cash management and seamless collection processes. SMACC integrates directly with your bank accounts, payment service providers and credit cards world wide. Our solution integrates with your existing systems and reduces manual payment reconciliation significantly. A/R made easy.

Expense approvals

Implement best-practice compliance processes and manage your expense workflows with SMACC. Our solution allows to easily implement flexible approval workflows that are triggered automatically when expense sheets are send in. Manage compliance checks, approvals and payments end-to-end in one solution.

Transparenz gewinnen

Gain transparency

Review your financial performance and liquidity with real time data

Effizienz steigern

Increase efficiency

Automated processing of invoices and payment transactions through artificial intelligence

Kontrolle übernehmen

Get in control

All financial processes at your finger tips with next generation software

Why SMACC for Enterprises?

"Our purchase-to-pay process was not efficient. We had a hard time processing all invoices and managing our approval process in time. Errors occurred and we frequently ran late with payments. With SMACC's technology we improved significantly."

- Head of Finance, Large E-Commerce Company