AI-enabled financial management

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to help SMBs master their everyday financial tasks – simple, efficient, and reliable

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Save time on bookkeeping

Simply scan and forward your invoices and receipts to SMACC. Our system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to extract all relevant data and to do the bookkeeping automatically.

Digitalisierung der Buchhaltung

All your financial documents are digitized, automatically organized and securely archived in our German data centers. You can access all your documents conveniently from every device using your account credentials. Grant access to CPAs, business partners, and your employees through our advanced rights management.

Automatisierte Datenerkennung in Rechnungen
Data recognition

SMACC’s system recognizes 64 data points including, payment terms, tax information, address data as well as descriptions and amounts of products and services invoiced on your bills and receipts. The information is used to automatically start your financial workflows including bill approvals, digital payments, and financial controlling.

Automatisierte laufende Buchhaltung
Automated accounting

Based on the recognized invoice information SMACC’s software can allocate financial accounts, cost centers, and project centers to every item on your bill. The systems includes and learns from inputs provided by CPAs and financial accountants to ensure highest quality and accuracy.

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Get up-to-date numbers

Gain transparency and control over your business with real-time financial data. Automated data processing provides daily insights into your business's financial performance putting you in control.

Planung und Analyse der Liquidität
Liquidity planning

SMACC directly integrates with all your bank accounts, credit cards and payment service providers to give you a real-time view of your cash position. Based on up-to-date accounts receivable and accounts payable data SMACC provides insights into your current liquidity and empowers you to manage it effectively.

Real-time financial reports

SMACC generates real-time reports of your revenues, expenses and operational profitability. All data is directly linked to the corresponding invoices, receipts and payment transactions providing unmatched transparency to you and your team.

A/R & A/P management

All financial supplier and customer data is automatically aggregated and made available in the app. See business volume, open positions and payment history of your business partners and customers. You can access and edit profile information including contact information, payment terms, cost centers, and financial accounts.

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Optimize payments

Never be late on payments, save money by realizing discounts or reduce your working capital with SMACC’s smart payment lists and in-app payment transactions.

Rechnungen direkt bezahlen und überweisen
In-app payment transactions

Process payments directly from within the SMACC app through your own payment accounts applying your current security methods. Manage accounts from multiple banks in one user interface and have your company’s liquidity always at your fingertips.

Freigabeprozess für Rechnungen
Bill approvals

Use flexible digital approval workflows to manage your bills and implement required governance processes. Approvals can be securely made on any device from the office or while you are traveling.

Intelligente Zahlungslisten
Smart payment lists

SMACC recognizes all payment terms from your incoming bills and prepares smart payment lists based on your requirements. Process your payments directly within the app or import your payment lists in your banking software. Never miss payments, closely manage payment targets and optimize your cash management.

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SMACC just takes care of all my bookkeeping and paper work. It’s easy and works like magic.


Best practice digital finance workflows and full transparency and control over my business.

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Automated invoice processing and digital workflows to increase efficiency and control.


An outstanding digitization solution and efficient bookkeeping service for my clients.

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